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A Question of Justice: How Britain gets away with Torture.

Why was mention of the British intelligence services redacted from the report on CIA torture? Why is the British government threatening to leave the European Convention on Human Rights to set up its own human rights court? “A Question of Justice” is a forthcoming documentary that will investigate the use and development of torture in Britain, how Britain hides its involvement in torture, and the legal arguments and processes it uses to justify and legitimize its use.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries Britain has been at the heart of the development and use of modern torture techniques, while at the same time being a signatory to various human rights treaties. Britain is able to do this because today’s sophisticated forms of torture often leave no physical marks, are difficult to prove, and hence deniable by the perpetrators.

Whilst the torturers and the powerful bureaucracy that lies behind them deny their actions and escape punishment, society is left to pick up the pieces of the victims’ cries for justice.

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