We have decided not to update this section, as the number of people involved in each project has steadily grown and may vary from one project to the next. The films we make and their reach is a product of the time and expertise of all who are willing to contribute. We’d like to thank the many translators who have made the films available in their respective languages, as well as all who have over the years helped to spread and share our films.



Michael Oswald

Michael is an independent filmmaker who is the driving force behind IndependentPOV.


Michael uses narrative storytelling and cinematography to produce investigative and observational films. He takes inspiration from graphic novels and aims to discover, understand and communicate ideas that are given less attention than they deserve.


Andrés Arias Uribe
Spanish Producer & Translator

Andrés is the Spanish producer, translator and narrator for IndependentPOV.


Andrés is a bibliophile who especially likes to read about macroeconomics, sociology, psychology and history, he is convinced the powerful assume the rest as cannon fodder for their selfish goals.

He is an architect who also studied sound engineering in Glasgow, UK. He works mostly on freelance architectural designs. He had the opportunity to work as a volunteer in Africa and Haiti which helped him to enhance his sensitivity and broadened his view on human societies. Fluent in Spanish, English and French he translates, narrates and produces the Spanish language versions of IndependentPOV’s films from his studio in Bogota, Colombia.