occupylogo_400x400Princes of the Yen: How Japan’s Central Bankers Engineered their Country’s Boom and Bust

Can central banks create booms and busts by manipulating the money supply? Do they do this in order to create a public consensus for economic, political and social change?     read more…

by Michael Oswald  on Occupy.com



filmgodsReview: Princes of the Yen

Overall, the documentary succeeds in delivering a thought provoking and engaging narrative that permeates deep into your subconscious. By the time the end credits are rolling you will feel enthused to not only consider our own economic conditions but also to even dare to contemplate an alternative economic structure.   read more…

 5stars   by Simeon C. Roberts on filmgods.co.uk  



movieSteve_logoReview: Princes of the Yen

Halfway through watching this simple but fascinating documentary, by the same team that made the equally eye-opening 97% Owned, a friend turned up. Instead of saying “How are you?” or “Wanna cup of tea?” (I’m writing this in the UK), I said, “God, I’m watching this amazing documentary about economics in Japan and how the authorities there deliberately sabotaged the country’s economy, and the whole 1980s boom and bust was a fix, and the…” and on I burbled.      read more…

4 stars   by Steve Morrissey on moviesteve.com



filmgodsThe Film Gods interview with Queuepolitely

Anyone who has seen Queue Politely’s “97% Owned” will know that this is an intelligent and powerful film about the monetary system and unlike many others is presented from a British perspective.    read more…

by Simeon C. Roberts on filmgods.co.uk




 positive newsReview: 97% Owned

With cinematic production values, the film opens like a gripping thriller and unfolds an exhausting and tense narrative thread throughout…  read more…

by Caspar Walsh on positivenews.org




onn_02Occupy News Network Q&A for 97% Owned

ONN: It seems clear that with this documentary you felt the need to inform people about how our financial system works. What else could be done to make citizens aware of the dangers that this system could lead to?

Queuepolitely: For us it’s not about ‘dangers’ per se but truth and equality. [Site offline, article re-posted  here…]

by Occupy News Network