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Welcome to IndependentPOV, we are an independent documentary production company, we specialize in the production of short non-fiction entertainment and investigative documentaries. Our documentaries investigate the underbelly of contemporary society.

Twitter logo Queuepolitely_02We draw on the work of academics, activists, journalists and whistleblowers. We hope that the documentary film medium will allow their stories to reach a wider audience and contribute to a deeper understanding.

We welcome offers of help, we are interested in help with the dissemination and translation of films, if you have the time and inclination, please contact us at contact@independentpov.org






Framed with strong images of the City of London, tax havens and set to a haunting original soundtrack, The Spider’s Web is a film all ordinary, tax-paying citizens should watch.
Want to know more about the menace of tax havens and the role of the City of London & Overseas Territories? Then this great film [The Spider's Web] is a must!
Forget anything by John Le Carre, this [The Spider's Web] is a real political drama which is more thrilling than anything seen in Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy.
[The Spider's Web] is shocking, persuasive, factual and shaming. Watch it and you won’t view bankers, lawyers, accountants or many in our political elite in the same way ever again.
[Princes of the Yen]…..essential viewing if you have any interest at all in politics or economics.
97% Owned is one of the best independent British documentaries that I have seen…..
With cinematic production values, the film [97% Owned] opens like a gripping thriller and unfolds an exhausting and tense narrative thread throughout…
This film [Princes of the Yen] shines a light on the fundamentals of our economic system – that is who creates money and for what – in a way that very few others have managed, or dared.
[Generation OS13]…. This is NOT a conspiracy! We have told you all of these things; and you've told your friends.
Princes of the Yen reveals the power of money, finance and central banks. It is a fascinating look at the need for better public understanding of just how much money can affect the world we live in, and the need to ensure that those who have power over money – the banks and central banks – are watched very closely.